I'm Treasa Fitzgibbon, a Professional Career & Life Coach.

My mission is to inspire women to live their best lives, by helping them identify their values and build a life aligned to those values. While I focus mainly on career it is critical to incorporate all aspects of our lives.

Career, Life & Health

I am passionate about you living your best life

I study the mindset, habits and behaviours that can either hold us back or help us rise to meet our goals. I help women navigate the corporate work place, identify their core values, and ultimately develop and align goals to achieve success in all areas of their lives. I believe investing in yourself will enable you to reach new levels of potential.


I am uniquely positioned to help you. I spent the last 20 years in a high pressured environment in banking. This taught me how to set goals and achieve them. 

In the past five years I have learned to add balance to my life, to live to a life aligned to my values, while continuing to be successful in my career. 

I have been willing to take the big scary leaps, to start over again – in new cities and on a new career path. I have made myself a priority, to enable me to lead my best life.

are CEOs

11% of CEOs are women

24% of TD's

24% of TD's are women

5% run by women

5% of FTSE 100 companies are run by women

2% female CEO's

2% of the FTSE 250 have female CEO's



Prior to starting a Career, Life, & wellness business, I spent 20+ years in the Financial Services industry in Dublin, London & most recently New York. I worked my way up from junior roles gradually taking on more responsibility and leading large initiatives to becoming a Managing Director at a top bank. 

I have built and led global teams and understand the personal and professional commitment – and sacrifice – required to be successful in today’s fast-paced, demanding environment.

Having grown up in a small town on the west coast of Ireland through to finding my passion and creating my best life in New York I know the challenges that women face in reaching their goals to build the life they want.

She provides guidance..with humility & thoughtfulness

“ Treasa is a one of a kind coach. She has an ability to create a space/container for a person to trust their own intuition and wisdom. She provides guidance and help with humility and thoughtfulness and through this process gives back power to anyone who feels powerless. More importantly she enables people to make different decisions and to have different experiences than she should without judging or influencing. I find that to be her gift. In short, she has a way to guide anyone to have a honest conversation with themselves, create new future and hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make.”


Bank of America // Director



On paper the life I created might sound amazing. However, in 2015 I realized I was in a rut. I was not living a balanced life. My time and energy was largely invested in my career with whatever was left going to family, friends and my health. I decided to engage the services of a Lifecoach. It was an amazing experience that helped me clarify my priorities and understand what I valued. I realized I was not living a life aligned to these values and something needed to change.

Fast forward two years to 2017…I became a Certified Transformation Coach. I was on a path to a new career. With my passion for health, fitness & wellness I followed this with a certification as a Health Coach in early 2019.

She has empowered me to push beyond my limits

“Working with Treasa has been incredibly rewarding for me personally. She has encouraged me to set goals that will align my life with my values to become the best version of myself. She is supportive and inquisitive enabling me to focus on the specific daily and weekly activities that will add up to big results from eating healthily to journaling to hitting my work out commitments. I hope to continue working with Treasa as I evolve in my health journey. She has empowered me to push beyond my limits and keep pushing one step at a time!”


JP Morgan Chase // Director

My mission is to inspire women to live their best lives, by helping them identify their values and build a life aligned to those values. While I focus mainly on career it is critical to incorporate all aspects of our lives.

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To empower girls and women to go after their dreams.

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To achieve success while staying true to who I am and my core values. 

Passion Energy and Trying new things

Whether bungee jumping or changing careers I love challenging myself.

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