Advancing women into Leadership Roles

With a 22 year career in banking, and as a certified transformation coach I am uniquely placed to help you advance women within your organisation into senior leader roles.


High Potential Coaching

Empowering your high potential women to advance to Leadership positions.

Our Career Accelerator Program, designed by women for women, delivers a woman focused career coaching program designed to fast track your female talent, help close the gender pay gap, and increase the representation of women in leadership roles.  

As part of this program the individuals will cover topics including but not limited to;

  • Identifying their strengths and personal brand
  • Focused development plan to close any gaps identified 
  • Creating awareness and removing beliefs that may be holding back their potential
  • Managing the Inner Critic
  • Helping them identify the key skills required for success
  • Inspiring ownership of an intentional Career strategy to achieve their goals
  • Building and understanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Build Confidence, enabling them to reach their fullest potential
  • How to successfully deal with conflict
  • Using resilience to deal with perceived ‘failure’ 
This coaching is customised to be delivered in an individual, group coaching or a hybrid format.

This coaching is customised to be delivered in an individual, group coaching or a hybrid format.

I have faced many of the challenges that women face today and use my experience to help women navigate and accelerate in their careers.

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Empowering women to get a seat at the table


To empower girls and women to go after their dreams.

Authenticity, Integrity & Honesty

To achieve success while staying true to who I am and my core values. 

Passion Energy and Trying new things

Whether bungee jumping or changing careers I love challenging myself.

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I help women working in high pressured, corporate environments navigate and accelerate their careers.


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