Life Coaching

My mission is to help women live their best lives by helping them identify their values and building a life aligned to those values.


Up to 70% of women will experience imposter syndrome in their careers

I can help you realise that you have the answers within you. I will give you the push start you need, be your cheerleader (or give you a kick in the ass when needed) and help you to hold yourself accountable.


I can empower you to:

• Understand your own mindset and long-held beliefs
• Build sustainable habits and behaviours aligned to your values
• Ensure health, wellness and self-care are priorities in your life
• Create the boundaries that will allow you to set targets and achieve success
• Be the best version of yourself


I can Help You Learn To:

• Let go of perfectionism
• Put yourself first
• Be less critical of yourself
• Love YOU
• Be authentic in both your personal and professional lives
• Make the right choices (for you)
• Kick your ass as needed
• Hold yourself accountable

My goal is to help you to stop feeling like your life is stuck in repeat and create the actions needed to create the life you’ve imagined.

“From The First Session I Could Sense Treasa Would Help Me. With Her Techniques She Helped Me See Life In A Different Way, She Helped Me Retrieve That Positive Person I Once Was.”



Let's Create Your Best Life

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