Advancing women into Leadership Roles

With a 22 year career in banking, and as a certified transformation coach I am uniquely placed to help you advance women within your organisation into senior leader roles.


Promotion Committee Facilitator

As the trend continues to see more men promoted to senior leadership roles than women it is time to get serious about making a change in your organisation. Unconscious Bias afflicts us all, both positively and negatively. We can be both the ‘perpetrator’ and the ‘victim’ of unconscious bias. 

Nowhere does this show itself more obviously than during the promotion process. If you are serious about bringing more women to the senior table it is time to invest in a Promotion Committee Facilitator; an objective ‘outsider’ who has no vested interest in who is promotion, and can bring an awareness to where bias is showing up in your promotion process. 

Whether a thorough analysis of your promotion process end to end or facilitating the promotion committee we can offer this service. 

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My mission is to inspire women to live their best lives, by helping them identify their values and build a life aligned to those values. While I focus mainly on career it is critical to incorporate all aspects of our lives.

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Empowering women to get a seat at the table


To empower girls and women to go after their dreams.

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To achieve success while staying true to who I am and my core values. 

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Whether bungee jumping or changing careers I love challenging myself.

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I help women working in high pressured, corporate environments navigate and accelerate their careers.


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