Engaging with Treasa was one of the best decisions I made to kick-off 2021 in the right direction. She is an authentic and passionate career/life coach who truly has her clients' best interests in mind. I have been happy with my career progression to date but recognized the importance of checking in with myself to ensure my contributions and achievements are impactful, recognized and centred around my core values. Treasa's ability to help me refine my personal brand and identify simple steps to take to "work smart" and be more strategic versus tactical have gotten me farther in 2021 than I could have imagined. I appreciate Treasa's ongoing partnership and am confident that everything we uncovered together will continue to help me grow and thrive in the years to come.

Dawn Wojnarowski (she/her/hers) | Executive Director | Corporate Client Banking | Treasury Services | J.P.Morgan

I’d been promoted to a much bigger role and was struggling to achieve the same success as a leader as I’d achieved as an individual contributor.  I was also plagued with Imposter Syndrome.  Treasa provided expert guidance on how to shape my performance, perception and impact as a leader. And perhaps most importantly, she helped me see myself more clearly and
re-discover the confidence I needed to effectively market myself, my ideas and accomplishments.  She absolutely changed the trajectory of my career.

Managing Director |US Based| Large Global Bank

This amazing women went on to be recognised by the American Banker, as one of the most Influential Women in Payments 

Through the course of 12 weeks, Treasa helped me find the courage to leave a job that was making me miserable and land the job I really wanted. She helped me identify strengths, align values, and build confidence. Treasa’s prior experience as a managing director and her personal career journey make her a uniquely talented coach for women. I recommend her to everyone.

She is fecking awesome!

Laura Hearn |Lead Advisor| Brighton Jones

By luck or coincidence, I heard Treasa being interviewed on radio at a time when I was feeling stuck in a rut professionally and personally. Fast forward a few months and her IG story pops up on my feed. There and then I set up an appointment to meet with Treasa.

From the first call I felt lighter and more positive. I did 6 sessions with Treasa and it helped open my eyes to what I want and what I can achieve. Treasa instilled in me a belief I could get what I wanted! Through our work in the course and Treasa’s continued support I’ve landed a new job. This new job is the role I was looking for and ticks all my present goals.

This course helped with my confidence in pursuing the change I was looking for. I would recommend and have recommended this course. Treasa is professional but relatable and hearing her story empowers you to make changes. One of the best decisions I’ve made. I continuously look back on the work we’ve done when I feel like I need that extra help.

Corlene Galligan | Vice President | Financial Services | Ireland

2022 was a year that presented me with various crossroads in several areas including career, health, and personal life, which led me to Treasa. Spending time with her, guided me to re-evaluate my values, challenge myself on discovering who I am, what is important to me and how these decisions would shape my career and life plan.  

Treasa has an amazing way of personally connecting and challenging you, through thought provoking questions and working with you to set actionable goals, and the steps towards the outcomes you set for yourself. I am now better equipped to focus on the challenges that may arise, whilst enjoying working on my personal growth and 2023 career strategy. Thanks to Treasa!

She is an excellent career coach, and I can certainly say, I have a met a life-long role model who I will continue to learn from.  

Nirmal Bahra (she/her/hers) | Client Experience, Change & Transformation| Banking Professional

Returning from my second maternity leave I was confident and calm, or so I thought. I was met with a new manager who was a former peer, new teammates, and an onslaught of problems I didn’t anticipate. Week after week I felt the imposter syndrome  worsening and my confidence dwindling. I knew I needed help, but what I didn’t know, was how hard I was being on myself. I stumbled across an email on a webinar hosted by Treasa from when I was out on maternity leave and I recalled speaking with her previously almost two years back. I was ready to make that investment in myself and in my future. 

Treasa’s approach is informal but methodical. Almost immediately it feels like a regular chat with a your closest friend. She is personable and empathetic. While listening to your story, background, beliefs and self criticisms, she relates and shares similar stories. Her genuine passion for helping is obvious, and her compassion will bring a burnt out mum to tears. Tears of relief for being heard and understood; for knowing I was not alone.

She takes you through your beliefs and their origin. She provides guidance and practices on quieting your “inner critic,” and changing the language your use to describe yourself. She helps to develop your self awareness around habitual thoughts, reactions, emotional responses and triggers. The sessions are intuitive and constructive in that they flow so naturally and you leave feeling charged for the day. (Especially if you have regular morning sessions.) 

I began to be more conscientious of how I spoke about myself to others. I noticed I didn’t always paint myself in a positive light, even when I was trying to be funny and make light of things. I learned how to change my own narrative, find my voice, yet remain calm, neutral and professional. I am so grateful for Treasa’s wisdom and compassion. I have a renewed sense of confidence and self awareness that helps me to navigate being a mum of two and manage a very hectic career in banking.

Allison Szypot | Bank of America

I started a new job and found myself in what felt to be a desperate situation. This was at the height of the pandemic, when most of us were still working remotely. Working remotely and joining a team that worked together for 10 to 20 years was beyond tough. I found myself encountering work-related static, where I didn't anticipate any, as well as surprising interpersonal challenges. Tréasa talked me off of a ledge and affirmed what I was experiencing.

I was drawn to Tréasa because of her background in financial services and the great heights that she reached in front office . . .
no easy task. Believe it or not, I found her through Internet research. (At the same time, I found a hypnotist. That's how desperate my situation felt that I sought professional guidance, refuge, and solace wherever I could find it. The hypnotist was a bust. One and done for me). Thank goodness, Tréasa was the lifeline I needed.

Gratefully, I still have my job and am able to navigate challenges more deftly. Tréasa met me where I was and changed course to do it. If you are in need of professional counsel or find yourself in a work-related quagmire, you won't do better than Tréasa. She is caring, understanding, and direct. She made it clear from the outset that her goal was to help me navigate challenges that occur (versus talking about an issue ad nauseum without a solution in sight).

She is flexible, reasonable, and one of the best resources I've encountered to date. Tréasa's guidance is the equivalent of having a mentor AND, what I imagine, old-school external management training rolled into one.

Thank you for everything, Tréasa. You're the real deal.

Director |Banking| New York