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“ Treasa is a one of a kind coach. She has an ability to create a space/container for a person to trust their own intuition and wisdom. She provides guidance and help with humility and thoughtfulness and through this process gives back power to anyone who feels powerless. More importantly she enables people to make different decisions and to have different experiences than she should without judging or influencing. I find that to be her gift. In short, she has a way to guide anyone to have a honest conversation with themselves, create new future and hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make.”

— Maria

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“Treasa provides invaluable & honest advice during her consultations. She has a judgment-free zone approach to her coaching, and always listens first & foremost. She has a unique ability to somehow know the challenges her clients are working through (even if they cannot verbalize it properly!), and then provide pragmatic steps to put words into action. In working with her, I have learned techniques to continually find balance in my life and how to put myself first…something every person should learn so that they can truly be the best version of themselves.”

– Priya

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“I have never thought or considered having a life coach until I met Treasa. I was going through a very stressful time in my life. Could not see how fortunate I was in many aspects of my life. I found out through a colleague about Treasa and her expertise as a life coach, I decided to experiment. From the first session I could sense she will help me. Not only Treasa is such a great inspiration as a professional, as she reached a very high position in Corporate America but also an amazing person and a true life coach. With her techniques she helped me see life in a different way, she helped me retrieve that positive person I once was, but couldn’t find as everything I was going through was getting on the way.

“She not only helped me personally but also in my professional life, by the end of that year I received a promotion to a role I have always wanted and she did that by simply giving me the confidence I knew I had. I owe Treasa where I am today. She turned my life around and now I am the happiest person you will ever meet. I love my life, have a beautiful family and feel accomplished in my career. She influenced me in making the right decisions to get to where I am today.”


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“Working with Treasa has been incredibly rewarding for me personally. She has encouraged me to set goals that will align my life with my values to become the best version of myself. She is supportive and inquisitive enabling me to focus on the specific daily and weekly activities that will add up to big results from eating healthily to journaling to hitting my work out commitments. I hope to continue working with Treasa as I evolve in my health journey. She has empowered me to push beyond my limits and keep pushing one step at a time!”


Watch Video Testimonial

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Best Foot Forward Webinar Testimonials

Priya Sharma – Vice President at Bank of America

“Such a great event! Thank you for the insights, extremely helpful and useful”

Isabel Baransky – Vice President, Product Manager at Bank of America

“Thank you so much for this amazing event! So well-timed, and especially with the uncertainty of COVID19 in our business environments. That can be weaponized against us as another plausible reason to deny our value, so being reminded of the best ways to self-advocate is hugely important.”

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Presentations & Workshops Testimonials

Suzie Chang – Revel Workshop

Treasa has a unique ability to uncover those habits we all have – some good, some not – and offers practical steps to move me toward “good habits.” She understands the real-life challenges to getting motivated and offers doable ways to get me in action! I’ve discovered routines I’m changing to positive habits that help me be happier and more fulfilled.

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Chris – Bank of America Workshop

I manage a diverse team across Europe and the Middle East who had been working remotely for 6 months due to COVID 19. With no return to office on the horizon I asked Treasa to help share her perspectives on how to maintain motivation and drive positive habits.

She spent one hour with the team and delivered as session called “The Myth of Motivation, The Power of Habits”. It delivered tangible ideas and practical suggestions for the team. Her relaxed and engaging style really resonated with the team and we all took something away to help us continue to perform at our best whilst not physically together as a team.

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