October 30

Session 5: Advancing Women in the workplace


We’ve all heard of the “glass ceiling” but have you ever heard of the “broken rung”?

Despite gains for women in leadership, research shows that the”broken rung” is still a major barrier, for women advancing to senior leadership roles. Women continue to lose ground at the first step up to manager, as the McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2020 report.

For every 100 men promoted, only 85 women were promoted, and the gap was even larger for women of colour. For Black women this number is only 58 and 71 for Latinas.

As a result, women remained significantly outnumbered in entry-level management at the beginning of 2020—they held just 38 percent of manager-level positions, while men held 62 percent. This without the inevitable impact we expect from Covid, which is impacting women at a greater rate than their male colleagues.

Join us on this webinar to learn what challenges women are facing today and how you can work to overcome these, on both an individual and systemic basis.


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