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I am a ‘been there, done that’ career coach, known as The Career Activist. I provides women with the tools and strategies to excel in their careers. With a successful 22 year career in banking, and as a certified transformation coach I am uniquely placed to help you navigate and accelerate your career path.


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I'm Treasa, a Professional Career & Life Coach

I help ambitious women accelerate and navigate their careers.

Before establishing Treasa Fitzgibbon Coaching, I worked in banking in roles across operations, sales & product management, in Dublin, London and New York City. I finished my banking career as a Managing Director, in NYC, responsible for a global sales team. 

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Ready To Smash Your Career Goals

I help ambitious woman accelerate their careers by teaching the tools and strategies needed to achieve their next career goal.


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How We Work Together

My mission is to get more women into senior management roles in the corporate world. As we continue our journey for gender equality I want to empower as many women as possible to follow their dream careers and achieve success.

Career Workshops

Are you looking for practical 1-2-1 guidance to help you get your next job.

Kickstarter Programme

A 6 week programme designed to help woman refocus, re-energise and reconnect.

Career Activist Programme

A 16 week programme designed for ambitious women to accelerate their career path to the next level.


“ the end of the year I received a promotion to a role I have always wanted. She did that by simply giving me the confidence I knew I had. She influenced me to make right decisions to get me to where I am today.”


“Treasa .. has a unique ability to ..know your challenges.. and .. provide pragmatic steps to put words into action...I have learned techniques ..every person should learn so that they can truly be the best version of themselves.”



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Get in touch today so we can start you on your journey to accelerated career success. I will help you learn the rules of the game and together we can develop a career strategy to get you that next promotion.

I help my clients with identifying the mindset, habits and behaviours they need to excel in their careers, and life. The programs I have created help women transform their way of thinking to become the strongest, most capable version of themselves




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I help women working in high pressured, corporate environments navigate and accelerate their careers.


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