Bespoke 1-2-1 sessions to

Re-Energise & refocus You on the right career path

Are you chasing a new job or promotion? Do you know exactly what you want but aren’t sure how to get there? Are you unsure if you are in the right job, industry or career? Check out my career coaching packages below.


Half Day 1-2-1 Workshop

Do you know exactly what you want but are not feeling confident about applying for and interviewing for your next role? Don’t let the opportunity pass you by because you didn’t take the time to invest in preparing yourself. 

During this 3 hour session you will;

  • Prepare for your next role
  • Identify your brand
  • Learn to articulate your brand
  • Prepare for the interview.
  • Update your resume
  • Update your Social Media Profiles


Full Day 1-2-1 Workshop

Not sure what your next steps are? Are you questioning you're in the right career? Are you asking yourself if you should stay in your current role and If so how do you succeed? Perhaps you are considering a complete career change? If so, this workshop is for you.

during This full day workshop you will;

  • Identify Your Strengths
  • Get Clear About Your Career Path
  • Create A Strategy With Goals & Even More Importantly Actions.
  • Create And Articulate Your Brand
  • Prepare For Applying For & Interviewing For Roles


Full Day 1-2-1 Workshop

Are in your dream career role but are not moving forward as fast as you want? Are you feeling overlooked, receiving vague feedback, not sure how to get the next promotion?

Do you want to change the internal perception of you and your brand? Are you thinking, what can I do to show I am ready for that next promotion? What can I say to prove I have the leadership skills needed to handle more responsibility; then this is the workshop for you.

during This full day workshop you will;

  • Learn more about the challenges women face in the workplace
  • Figured out how to overcome these challenges to achieve success
  • Know exactly what the promotions committees are looking for
  • Created a strategic plan to achieve your goals over the coming 12-24 months

I help women working in high pressured, corporate environments navigate and accelerate their careers.


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